• Source Harry thinks Malfoy might be a Death Eater, everyone departs for King’s Cross, and before getting on the train Harry tells Mr. Weasley his suspicions. On the train, Harry finds he is more famous than ever, but sits with Neville and Luna until Slughorn invites him to tea. After hours… Read More
• Source Before the Hogwarts Express leaves, Tonks rescues Harry from the Full-Body Bind Curse put on him by Malfoy. She escorts him to the castle, but Snape come to collect him and he leads Harry into the feast, criticizing Harry all the way.  Once inside, Harry discusses his… Read More
• Source Stephen Fry interviewed J.K. Rowling on Saturday 8 July 2000, the publication day of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. The interview took place aboard the Hogwart’s Express train while it was between King’s Cross & Didcot stations.  … Read More
• Public places • Railway places • Wizarding places The railway station that serves both the town of Hogsmeade and Hogwarts School. A “tiny, dark platform” where the Hogwarts Express ends its journey north from Platform Nine-And-Three-Quarters (PS6). The station is located near the lake, and from there a road extends around the lake to Hogwarts Castle (PA5,… Read More
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The Hogwarts Express has been the subject of various essays exploring its nature and function. As has been plausibly noted elsewhere on this site, it isn’t really a steam engine, but rather a magical transportation device that mimics a Muggle equivalent in external form and function. This is consistent with the general trend in Wizard “technology,” which seems… Read More
• Transportation The Hogwarts Express is a passenger train which makes a run between King’s Cross Station, London, and Hogsmeade Station, taking students to and from Hogwarts. The train makes this run at least four times a year, and probably more often than that, as needed. It does leave without… Read More