• Ministry of Magic The Department of Magical Equipment Control is a department or office in the Ministry of Magic which concerns itself with the many types of magical items and devices which exist in the wizarding world. This section regulates problems with equipment such as faulty wands and loose-bottomed cauldrons (DP1). Read More
• Source After weeks of planning, Harry, Ron and Hermione ambush three Ministry of Magic workers, assume their identities, and sneak into Ministry headquarters. To their horror, they learn that Ron has assumed the identity of a man whose wife is about to be interrogated about her blood status,… Read More
• Source Hermione accompanies Dolores Umbridge to court while Harry breaks into Umbridge’s office, to find Mad-Eye Moody’s eye mounted on her door. While inside, Harry sees she has a file on Arthur Weasley and a copy of Rita Skeeter’s book. Harry retrieves the eye and… Read More
• Source Hermione gives Harry the copy of The Life and Lies of Albus Dumbledore that she picked up in the Bathilda Bagshot’s house. They learn that the young man in the picture was Gellert Grindelwald who, according to Rita Skeeter, was very close to… Read More
• Source Severus Snape reports to Lord Voldemort the plans of the Order of the Phoenix to move Harry Potter from Number 4 Privet Drive. Voldemort takes Lucius Malfoy’s wand, the Death Eaters gathered in Malfoy Manor make fun of Tonks’ marriage to… Read More
• Source Molly Weasley loads H.R.H. up with wedding-preparation chores in an attempt to stop them from making plans to leave. Ron and Hermione prove to Harry that they understand what’s involved in accompanying him and have taken steps to protect their families from retaliation. Hermione reveals that she has researched the… Read More
• Source Harry celebrates his seventeenth birthday and his coming of age. Rufus Scrimgeour arrives with Arthur Weasley to deliver the bequests of Albus Dumbledore to Harry, Ron, and Hermione. Scrimgeour attempts to get information from them about why Dumbledore remembered them in his will. Scrimgeour and… Read More
• Rules and laws • Titles, nicknames, and honorifics One section of MACUSA in the 1920s was devoted to keeping wizards and witches from associating with No-Majs in any way, by order of Rappaports Law separating the two worlds (Pm). This law had no counterpart in England’s Ministry of Magic because they had no such law and allowed interaction,… Read More
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The name “Dobby” appears in A Fine Old Conflict, 1 Jessica Mitford’s memoir of her radical youth in 1950s America—and a book J K Rowling has almost certainly read. Rowling, as we know from interviews, admires Jessica Mitford—she even named her daughter after the left-wing political campaigner and journalist. “Dobby” Walker (no other… Read More
• Source June 1st 1999The Daily ProphetPrice: 7 Knuts Headlines (Front Page) GOBLIN RIOTS ERUPT IN CHIPPING CLODBURY Making sure the purchaser of your old wand is human (page 11) Why can’t goblins be more like elves? (page 32) Advertisement: TerrorTours Problem Page HOW MUCH REVENGE… Read More
• Source Oct 1st 1999The Daily ProphetPrice: 7 Knuts Headlines MINISTRY IMPOSES RESTRICTIONS NEW POTION GIVES HOPE FOR HAGS Advertisement: Poor memory? Sports Quidditch League Table & Match Information Ballycastle Bats lead the league with 820 points and the Falmouth Falcons are still at the… Read More