• Source Harry attends his first lesson with Albus Dumbledore, who explains that they will be delving into Lord Voldemort’s past via the Pensieve. In Bob Ogden’s memory, they go to Marvolo Gaunt’s house to see about his son, Morfin, who has broken wizarding law… Read More
• Source Harry tries one of the Half-Blood Prince’s spells while reading in bed and levitates Ron by accident. He argues with Hermione over the danger of the Prince, and gets word of his next lesson with Professor Dumbledore. They then walk to Hogsmeade, where… Read More
• Source Harry has his second lesson with Albus Dumbledore, where they briefly discuss Mundungus Fletcher and Draco Malfoy. Dumbledore discusses Merope with Harry again. Together, they then view a memory of Dumbledore’s, where he visits Voldemort’s orphanage and invites an eleven-year-old Tom Riddle to… Read More
• Source Hermione remains angry with Ron, but Harry tries to stay friends with both of them. He finds that girls are trying to seduce him and Romilda Vane tries to slip him a Love Potion. Harry asks Luna Lovegood to Slughorn’s Christmas party, and Hermione… Read More
• Source After arriving back at Hogwarts, Harry chats with Hermione about Ron and Draco Malfoy. He learns that apparition lessons are coming, and finds that both Ron and Ginny Weasley seem disenchanted with their relationships. He then has a lesson with Albus Dumbledore, where… Read More
• Source We learn of several disappearances including Florean Fortescue and Mr. Ollivander. Harry, Hermione, and the Weasleys go shopping at Diagon Alley, escorted by Hagrid.  There they discover a much-changed atmosphere and an empty Leaky Cauldron. They have a run-in with Draco and Narcissa Malfoy in Madam Malkin’s and… Read More
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The Wizards’ Council The Wizards’ Council was the predecessor to the Ministry of Magic (FBx). Barberus Bragge was the Chief of the Council in 1269. Burdock Muldoon was Chief of the Wizards’ Council in the fourteenth century (FB, QA). He was followed in office by Elfrida Clagg, who is generally regarded as being more enlightened than her predecessors… Read More
• Occupations Hit-Wizards are the police officers of the Wizarding world (DP2). The Department of Magical Law Enforcement maintains squads of trained Hit-Witches and Wizards whose job it is to capture dangerous wizarding criminals. A group of these Hit-Wizards captured Sirius Black after he supposedly killed Peter Pettigrew. The Hit-Wizards are not… Read More