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Scrubbed Wood Table

...Hagrid, moving a half-plucked rooster off his scrubbed table and setting down the teapot


An aged, well-used wooden table.



Scott Hawley, of WEB LINKHawley's Fine Woodworking, sent this description:

The term "scrubbed wood" or "scrubbed pine" is actually just...what happens to the wood over time. The look...is of a table that was once painted and over many years of hard use and scrubbing down to clean over and over, the paint has been worn off leaving only certain areas of the old paint left in marks and dings the wood has also acquired over time. This leaves a smooth top surface with an abundance of character and color variation.

Scott's scrubbed wood tables are actually beautifully hand-crafted replicas of farmhouse scrubbed-wood tables, of course. As I (SVA) look at the pictures, I'm starting to think I should have had Scott make me one for my new desk...

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