Before 100 A.D. – This is an era of Muggle/Wizard cooperation; many political and religious leaders were witches and wizards.

After this battle, the only battle in which a Chimaera was defeated, the heroic wizard was so badly injured and exhausted that he fell from his winged horse to his death (FB). Read More
According to Garrick Ollivander, the current wandmaker, “his earliest forebears in this country arrived with the Romans, and set up stall (subsequently shop) to sell to ancient British wizards whose wands were crude of construction and unreliable in performance” (Pm). Read More
Wizards of this era of history created some of the earliest known magic spells and devices, including the Patronus and the Horcrux. Read More
Herpo the Foul, who is perhaps the original evil wizard in history, is the first to create a Horcrux successfully. He created only one horcrux; Voldemort was the first to split his soul multiple times. Read More
Egyptian wizards put curses on tombs which nowadays are broken by curse-breakers for Gringotts Bank who try to regain the treasure locked in those tombs. When the Weasley family visited Egypt, Ron saw mutant skeletons of Muggles who had broken into a pyramid and “grown extra heads and stuff” as… Read More