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  • hpboy13

    Eeeeep, I have an essay on the Lexicon!
    *does happy dance*
    I really hope all of you enjoy it, and let me say this now: I am in no ways implying that ALL TEN ships happened, I think some are more likely than others, but I threw the possibilities out there.

  • daveindetroit

    A very interesting analysis of how the past influences the present. We see how “current” characters(for want of a better word) choices have had a cause and efect. Speculating on those previous interactions can be a fruitful line of inquiry.

  • Zam

    I know that this isnt connected directly to the essay, but a line reminded me of an AMAZING theory by one of my friends. I’ve heard many theories and many of them seem far-fetched, but this one seems credible.
    It’s about Snape being good. We have two accounts on what happened the night that Snape was caught spying. Trelawny wouldnt remember anything from the time at which the prophecy began until she was done delivering it. This is pretty clear from PoA. So how would she have known that Snape was caught spying if it was in teh middle of the prophecy. The answer is SHE WOULDNT. Snape MUSTVE heard the entire prophecy. So, since he heard it all and Voldemort only heard a fragmented version it is clear that Snape didnt relay it all INTENTIONALLY. so this must be when snape changed and WHY dumbledore trusted him.
    Obviously i believe snape is good! Please reply w/ur comments and i’ll relay them to my friend!

  • Karen L

    Good essay hpboy13! Let me throw in another! It’s always said that Lily’s eyes are important. Well, we know that Petunia doesn’t have Lily’s eyes….but, does someone else??? maybe a younger brother or cousin??? That “wretched boy”
    may be another relative, not one of the Marauders. My guess is that Harry is going to meet someone in DH that also has Lily’s eyes.

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Perhaps, just perhaps…………

    Lily Potter was an expert at potions, so could make polyjuice. So, is it certain that the people murdered at Godric’s Hollow were who we think they were? If not, who was murdered in their place and, much more interesting, where are Lily and James now, and who are they masquerading as?

    Less than 5000 minutes’ speculation time to go.

  • Jayni D.

    Zam, interesting theory, although I don’t agree with your friend. My thoughts are that in the noise of the scuffle with the Hog’s Head barman, Snape missed the last part of the prophecy. Trelawney was in a trance, so she wouldn’t have heard the scuffle until she came out of it. Dumbledore likely heard the scuffle peripherally, but was focused on hearing what Trelawney was saying. To me, that’s the only thing that makes sense.

    Since Snape was working for Voldemort, he would most certainly have told him everything that he overheard. He didn’t know until after it happened that Voldemort would end up killing Lily. He probably didn’t have any idea that Lily’s son was one of the boys referred to in the prophecy. Likely Voldemort didn’t know either until long after Neville and Harry were born. In those times of war, I doubt that wizard families were sending out birth announcements. And keeping a pregnancy quiet seems prudent when LV and the Death-Eaters were on a killing spree.

  • Recklesscatlover

    The essay is outstanding. Of course not all that is new because we have limited possibilities, but the effort of making a catalog or a menu of choices, so as to recap all what we (don’t) know is worth it.
    One step forward would be to consider also other kind of relationships, which can be quite strong also without romance. For instance, what if Snape (muggle father) and Lily (muggle family) were playing together as small kids? Maybe also with Pet, who, being not able to do magic as the other two, may have nurtured then her hate for magic? And so on…

  • John

    Go hpboy13! I like the way you think, about most of the pairings ,but, I don’t like Petunia, so I don’t like any pairings involving any of the Marauder’s. But, I have been forced to conclude with the evidence mounting, that Petunia Dursley will have something important to say during DH, which is so fast in coming I can hardly stand it.

  • DB Fwoopersong

    Wow! Fun stuff! I love the idea of the Peter/Petunia ship–it’s wonderfully disgusting and hilarious at the same time. I myself have wondered about a Petunia/Lucius ship! I could certainly imagine thinking of Lucius as “that boy”…especially if he dumped her in the very worst way. Harry is reminded particularly of Dudley when he meets Draco…could Dudley actually be the love-child of “Petucius”??? Yuck!!

  • @ Zam and Jayni D.:
    The Prophecy….*sighs* yes, that’s a very complicated topic and it made my head ache ever since the first time I read about it in OotP. In HBP (at the end) it seems like she remembers that Snape interrupted her but can’t remember WHAT she said…this is all so weird and confusing!!! HELP!

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Harry, seeing Snape being bullied by James and his cronies, is strongly reminded of himself being bullied by Dudley and his cronies (something of which more could have been made in the OP film, I thought).

    Maybe, just maybe, Dudley is James’ son, …………and Harry is Snape’s!

    (It seems unlikely, given the family resemblances between Vernon and Dudley, and between James and Harry, but with magic, who knows?)

  • Reader2

    ravenclaw rambler,

    I know most fans don’t want to believe it, but Rowling books are a wrong place to look for illigitimate children, babbies switched at birth, hidden pregnancies or even marital affairs.

    This is just a different genre.

  • Frank

    This essay has so many interesting ideas!!

    I particularly noticed, and hadn’t before now, that Petunia never specifies who was talking about the dementors and that whoever it was she obviously listened to at the time as she can remember it and now, for some reason, dislikes them – ‘that awful boy’

    i do however not see a link between pettigrew losing his little finger and petunia sticking hers out as she drinks, i think this merely is to diplay her stuck up character

    i can’t wait to see which speculations are right!!!

  • hamburglar

    Yes, I assumed the ‘why would she put that?’ about Petunia sticking up her finger was a joke. It was, right? Because it’s a class/character thing; you knew that, right? Nice essay 😀

  • hpboy13

    Thank you very much, everyone. Because I’m in such a good mood (I just read about 200 pages of GF), I’ll address every comment, however irrelevant to the essay.
    daveindetroit, I agree that what happened in the past will have an effect on the future. We know too much about James for it not to be important, and we know too little about Lily for her not to be important (am I making any sense here?)
    Zam, Jayni D, and Lisa Marie, I’m inclined to agree with Jayni D’s version. While it may seem like a bit of a copout to have Snape not hear it because of a tussle with Aberforth, it’s the only one that doesn’t contradict what we know. We know that Trelawney can’t be interrupted during prophecies. We know Trelawney saw Snape caught. We know that Snape only heard part of the prophecy. The problem with your theory, Zam, is that if Snape hadn’t told Voldemort all that he knew, why wouldn’t DD use that to shut Harry up in HBP – by then, Legilimency wasn’t an issue. And JO wouldn’t exclude it because oit would convince people of Snape’s goodness, I’m sure the Snape-is-evil people would have carried on (I mean, people were still arguing for H/Hr after GF)

  • hpboy13

    Thanks, Karen L. It’s a good point that Harry might meet someone with Lily’s eyes, but it can’t be a family member – It is stated many times that the Dursleys are his only living relatives
    ravenclaw rambler, sadly Lily and James are dead as dumbledoornails. Not only was Lily confirmed to be dead in a rumor on Jo’s site, but both of them came out of Voldy’s wand during Priori Inantatem. Regarding your second post, I’m in agreement with Reader2 – you’re reading the wrong books for that. Maybe one child will have different parents, but this won’t turn into a soap opera (there wasn’t even any kissing until the fifth book)
    recklesscatlover, thank you very much. Naturally, this is not new – as I state in the beginning of the essay, I have seen just about every ship discussed, and often refer the readers to other essays. I just thought I’d sum it all up for everyone, and throw in my two cents. I have no doubt there were relationships other than romantic ones, but it would take too long to consider them all. How would Snape and the Evans sisters be child playmates? Snape’s a pureblood, the Evans were Muggles as far as everyone knew – how would they know each other?

  • hpboy13

    Thanks John, at least someone finds my way of thinking acceptable (my friends all consider I’ve gone off the deep end this month). I’ll admit, I didn’t like Petunia much until OP, but that’s when I realized, alogn with Harry, that there’s more to her than meets the eye. Despite how many crushes and affairs she may have had, she still has a role to play.
    DB Fwoopersong, I agree that this stuff is fun – though I find the Pet/Pet ship kinda revolting if truth be told. However, Petucius?! THAT is a new one. Despite the glorious possibilities for Draco and Dudley, how on earth would Petunia and Lucius have gotten together? I’m sure Lily didn’t bring HIM over for Christmas!
    Thank you, Frank and hamburglar. With the pinky bit, I am fully aware that that is a demonstration of class, but I was frankly a bit desperate for evidence. You never know with Jo! After all, why would she pick the pinky for Pettigrew to chop off? Oh well, we’ll know soon enough!

  • Wieldy

    Great essay! You covered all possible possibilities. I never thought about Petunia being in love with Peter or Sirius but your arguments are fun to read.
    But why did you leave out all rather “impossible possibilities” like Snape and Sirius, Sirius and Remus 😉

  • SEVERUS SNAPE IS A HALF BLOOD, his mum was a witch, his dad a muggle. And there’s even one whole HP book dedicated to this issue, HARRY POTTER AND THE HALF BLOOD PRINCE anyone?!?!?!?!

  • Oh and concerning peter pettigrew’s finger. I don’t think it was his pinky which he chopped off. I’m pretty sure it was his index finger?!

  • from
    (Rumour section)
    Lily Potter is still alive. – No, afraid not.
    Voldemort is Harry’s real father / grandfather / close relative of some discription. – No, no, no, no, no. James is DEFINITELY Harry’s father.

  • Lisa Marie THANK YOU. I was a bit befuddled when hpboy13 wrote that Snape is a pureblood. Even if she was referring to Snape’s father, he’s a muggle.
    As for the Petucius shipper, you do realize that Lucius is a DEATH EATER! He would never lay a hand on a bloodtraitor, mudblood (excuse my language), and most deffinetly not a muggle. And as JKR wrote in other novels The Dursleys-including Petunia-are the Greatest Muggles Hagrid’s ever seen.
    As for Zam someone already posted it but it’s obvious what happend. Tre. started the prophecy to Dumb., meanwhile Sev. was listening in on the conversation. Then he was found eavesdropping (presumably by Aberforth) at which point he couldn’t hear the rest of the prophecy.

    hpboy13 Ever since I started going on Hp fan websites I’ve fallen in love with the Snape/Lily ship. It is my favorite and you support it well. I like you have wondered why indeed that was Snape’s WORST memory. If I were Snape I wouldn’t want HP to see me get beat up by his dad. But it is also clear that things like that have happend to him before. I liked your theory that it was him calling her a Mudblood (excuse my language). Before now i just thought that it was because he’s a git. Loved your essay, but am slightly disturbed by the pet/pet ship.
    As you can probably tell I should have better things to do than this on a wednesday.

  • hpboy13

    *major face-palm* You’re right, Snape’s halfblood, I am so sorry! Oh boy, I feel so embarassed now. OKay, glossing over that, I still don’t find it remotely likely that Snape and Petunia were childhood friends, because Snape clearly associated himself with the wizarding world despite his mixed parentage – how else would he know “more curses than half the students in seventh year when he first came to Hogwarts”?

  • hpboy13

    Oh, and I am sure that it was the little finger, isn’t that what Fudge says was found? Though then in the Shrieking Shack he “points with hsi middle finger because his index was missing” – is this a canon discrepancy, or have I finally lost it due to reading so late into the night?

  • hpboy13

    Thank you very much, Wieldy. I agree, some of these ships have a very remote possibility, but you never know! As for why I left out the “impossible possibilities” – don’t you think this essay is controversial enough, without bringing homosexuality into the equation. Unless I’m much mistaken, JO is avoiding that topic at all costs in her books, and I decided to do the same. airam, I also am a deep supporter of the Snape/Lily ship – it’s the only one that I am sure will come to pass.

  • By the way, great essay. I really love the marauders. In my opinion, the marauders’ era is so much more interesting than the trio’s era. Why couldn’t Jo have written about them?! *sighs*

  • hpboy13

    Thanks, Lisa Marie. I also love the Marauders, but I think they’re best contained to fanfiction. Thing is, this way we have a much better protagonist – James was a prat and Lily was far too perfect. Besides, James and Lily’s lives while still at Hogwarts weren’t nearly as exciting and imperfect as Harry’s. But I do desperately want Jo to write a prequel.

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