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Character Quotes

The editor for the Characters section of the Lexicon was Lisa Bunker who was also the founder of Accio Quote. So it was a natural fit for her to collect quotes by and about the main characters in the books as she worked to bring each character’s biography up to date. The project was never completed, but the pages are still very popular, so we’re in the process of bringing them over to the new Lexicon. Here’s an index of all the quote collections. The links will take you either to the new quote pages or back to the legacy pages as we work to add them all in. Eventually, we’d like to finish adding quotes from the last book to complete the pages. Feel free to use the comment section of each page to suggest additions.


Pensieve (Comments)

  • Kayla Sawyer

    When will you add quotes from the last two books to your lists? And quotes from other characters? Will you show some kind of “Updated” note next to the link so we know?

    Been popping by here for years and there’s never any progress. For some sad reason, the people who ran this website stopped updating after the fifth book. I hope that’s changing now.

    • The quote pages are legacy pages, which means they’re remnants of the old website. I have a feeling that’s the site you’re referring to, although it was updated through book seven and beyond. The new site, which you must have found since you left a comment through our new comment system, is completely up to date.

      To your question, I can’t promise that those old pages will be updated anytime soon. The editor who created them no longer works on the Lexicon and they were a project she came up with on her own. I do know that they’re fairly popular since I track what pages from the old site are still being accessed. I’ll put it on the assignment list for our editorial team, but I know that they’re extremely busy on a number of projects right now and it might be awhile before someone gets to that.

      Thanks for your interest in the Lexicon!