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Where’s the new canon?


Where’s the new canon?

You might be here on the Lexicon looking for information about the characters, things, creatures, events, etc. from “Crimes of Grindelwald.” If so, you might have to have to wait a week or so for everything to appear. We have a spreadsheet of 143 entries which need to be added or edited into the Lexicon. Over the next few days, all of the new entries will created but they’ll be empty. Why would be create empty entries? Because they need to exist in order to be linked to from other entries. This might sound convoluted but it’s the best way we’ve found to make sure every entry we edit gets properly connected to everything else.

Here’s an example. The entry for Bunty needs to be connected to the entry for Pinky, Elise, and Patrick, but which ever one gets created first won’t have those other entries yet to connect to. We’d have to remember to go back to the Bunty entry and add them later when the others are created. That gets extremely difficult over 143 entries being edited by a dozen editors. So I create all the entries first, making them available for linking, then we go in and edit to add all the relevant information.

All of this is to say that for the next few weeks as our editors work through that spreadsheet, you might find empty entries here and there. You might also find existing entries that don’t have any information from “Crimes of Grindelwald” added yet. Don’t worry, we’re getting to it. And don’t worry about spoilers if you didn’t want to know secrets from the new film. We’ll put the spoiler warning on any entry we edit.


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