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GF1: Mysteries and Surprises


GF1: Mysteries and Surprises

Chapter one of the Goblet of Fire was a big surprise for the Harry Potter fans who read it for the first time. Unlike the previous books, this book did not start with the Dursleys. It opened at Little Hangleton, with a murder mystery that reminded me of English detective series.

Chapter one also surprised many a fan who read it for the second time. In chapter two, Harry’s memory of his vision fades quickly. I don’t know about you, but it faded from my memory as well. I just wanted to find out what would happen to Harry in this book. So only when I read the book again, did I discover that the fate of poor Bertha Jorkins had been spelled out in this first chapter… Rowling is great at hiding clues in plain sight!

When I read chapter one for at least the twentieth time today, it surprised me once more. It struck me how much the Riddle’s House resembles the Shrieking Shack in Hogsmeade. Both houses are described as creepy, abandoned buildings on the outside of a village. With boarded up windows and thick layers of dust on the floor. And both housed a villain on the run at one time.

So this chapter just keeps surprising readers. I therefore urge you to read it again.



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