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Chapter 17 HPDH Bathilda’s Secret


Chapter 17 HPDH Bathilda’s Secret

(DH17) Nagini, Harry, snake, Godric’s Hollow, Bathilda Bagshot

Chapter 17 HPDH Bathilda’s Secret
Artist SaBenerica
Copyright © 2013


A multi-colored Nagini coiled around a terror-stricken Harry, in the scene in Bathilda Bagshot's house in Deathly Hallows. As Nagini's fangs attempt to pierce Harry's skin, Harry's wand goes flying out of his hand.
This is the terrifying and vivid scene where "Bathilda Bagshot" leads Harry up the stairs of her house, only to reveal herself as Nagini in disguise. The scenes in Godric's Hollow are some of my favorite ones from the Harry Potter books.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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