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HP Tarot – Ace of Disks


HP Tarot – Ace of Disks

“I somehow never thought that I’d go and draw a badger at some point in my life, but here he is.

My version of Helga Hufflepuff as the Ace of Discs, again not because of her cup, but because of the strong alignment of Hufflepuffs with the element of Earth that is associated with the Disks.

I am seeing her as a friendly person, easy to get to smile at you and easy to get along with, perhaps with a tiny bit of a mischievous streak… She probably had a heck of a time mediating between the other founders!

Helga is based on wonderful renfaire stock from :iconatistatplay:. I just dyed her hair blonde and gave her her “cinnamon-bun” hairstyle.”

HP Tarot – Ace of Disks
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2007


Again, we see an image of one of the Hogwarts founders for the first time. She looks sweet and down-to-earth, as would behoove a Hufflepuff.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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