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HP Tarot – Queen of Disks


HP Tarot – Queen of Disks

“For the Queen of Disks I just had to pick good old Professor Sprout. First off, she is the head of Hufflepuff, so that makes her go with that suite, and then she is of course connected to the Earth element though her subject of herbology. Just like Hagrid teaches his students about animals, she will tell them all they need to know about plants, and in a pinch she’ll even whip up a recipe of mandrakes to help a bunch of petrified students.

Here she’s sitting in one of the greenhouses among her magical plants, and I’ve put her into a prettier gown than she gets to wear in the movies, just because – she is a queen after all!

The Queen of Disks is a practical older woman who has both feet on the ground, she has experience of life and will protect those entrusted to her. She knows herself and how to make herself heard and respected. She is patient and reliable.”

HP Tarot – Queen of Disks
Artist Elly Pieper
Copyright © 2008


I like that Professor Sprout has her own card, and that the artist writes much about her reasoning for choosing her for this particular card.

Image title supplied by the artist.


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