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Mrs. Abbott

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Mrs. Abbott

Mrs. Abbott was the mother of Hannah Abbott, a Hufflepuff in Harry’s year. Mrs. Abbott was found dead in the fall of 1996, having been murdered by Death Eaters (HBP11).

Mrs. Abbott
Gender Female
Dates died 1996
Species / Race Witch
Blood Status Muggle-born
Family Groups Abbott family



Although never stated, we can deduce that Hannah's mother is Muggle-born because Rowling has stated that Hannah is Half-blood (PC/JKR1). Hannah's father, Mr. Abbot, is from the Pureblood Abbott family, so it is likely that he was Pureblood himself. If so, Hannah's mother would have been Muggle-born for Hannah to be a Half-blood.

Perhaps it was her Muggle-born status which singled her out to be killed by the Death Eaters in 1996.

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