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Hannah Abbott’s mother is found dead

"I mean ... it's all looking serious, isn't it?"
-- Hermione, discussing the mounting danger the day after (HBP11)

Hannah Abbott’s mother is found dead

Hannah’s mother was found dead, killed by Death Eaters. Hannah is called out of Herbology class to receive the horrible news and leaves school for awhile (HBP11).

Timeline Notes

This happens the day before Harry is to hold Quidditch try-outs, which is the second Saturday of the fall term. On the real world calendar, this would be Friday the 13th. The date of Mrs Abbott's death might be a day or two earlier, since the 13th is when they actually found her body (and when Hannah is removed from class, since it is unlikely that they would have waited to the next day to inform her).

Hannah Abbott’s mother is found dead
Date September 13th, 1996
Certainty Date based on real world calendar
Type of Event Wizarding world



Although it is not stated, Hannah's mother was very likely Muggle-born, which might have been why she was targeted by the Death Eaters.

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