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Conversation in the broomshed at The Burrow

"But while I was at the Dursleys'... I realized I can’t shut myself away or — or crack up. Sirius wouldn't have wanted that, would he? And anyway, life's too short... Look at Madam Bones, look at Emmeline Vance... It could be me next, couldn't it? But if it is, I'll make sure I take as many Death Eaters with me as I can, and Voldemort too if I can manage it."
-- Harry Potter (HBP4)

"I think the word 'fiasco' would be a good one here."
-- Dumbledore commenting on the previous year's Occlumency lessons with Snape (HBP4)

Conversation in the broomshed at The Burrow

July 13, 1996 – Harry and Dumbledore travel via Side-Along Apparition to the Burrow, arriving just after midnight. Before going in, Dumbledore takes Harry aside. In an uncharacteristically intimate conversation, the two discuss Sirius’ death and Harry’s reaction to it, the fact that Harry should confide in Ron and Hermione, and that Dumbledore wishes for Harry to have private lessons with him during the upcoming school year.

Timeline Notes

Dumbledore and Harry travel to Budleigh Babberton to recruit Horace Slughorn very late on July 12. They arrive at the Burrow just after midnight on July 13.


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