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O.W.L. results arrive at the Burrow

O.W.L. results arrive at the Burrow

Harry and Ron each earned seven O.W.L.s while Hermione earned eleven – ten Outstandings and one Exceeds Expectations (HBP5).

The only grades below “Exceeds Expectations” that Harry got were in History of Magic (he passed out during the exam), Astronomy (the exam during which Hagrid was arrested in full view of the examinees), and Divination (lost cause). Harry realizes that Snape won’t allow him to take N.E.W.T. Potions with only an Exceeds Expectations grade and, therefore, he won’t be able to become an Auror (HBP5).

Timeline Notes

Ron says "it's been a month" since O.W.L.s finished, and the exams probably finished on 18 June (OP31). We also know from HBP06 that Harry spends "a few weeks" at the Burrow prior to his birthday on 31 July - so it's likely that it's been a little less than a month, rather than a little more. That, plus our date reference from HBP18, means that this is most likely Saturday, 13 July.

The time is just past 9am:

"Mrs. Weasley, you're quite, quite sure no owls have arrived this morning?"
"Yes, dear, I'd have noticed," said Mrs. Weasley patiently. "But it's barely nine, there's still plenty of time..." (HBP5)

The results arrive a few minutes later.


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