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"Not on duty, eh?  It's all right for some.... We've been here all night.... You'd better get out of the way, we've got a big party coming in from the Black Forest at five fifteen."

-- Basil to Arthur Weasley (GF7)

Basil was one of two “tired and grumpy” wizards working at the Portkey landing site at the 1994 Quidditch World Cup (GF7)

Basil, who was wearing a kilt and a poncho, holds the timetable of Portkey arrivals. He was greeted by Arthur Weasley and let the Weasleys and Diggorys know to which campsite they had been assigned (GF7).

After Arthur Weasley had a word with him, Basil was able to get them a reasonably early Portkey return time home (GF10).


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