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British envoy to the International Confederation of Wizards

"Right. What are you really doing here?"
-- British Envoy to Newt Scamander (WFT)

The British envoy is an English political figure who, in 1926, was present at MACUSA to discuss how to capture criminal Gellert Grindelwald (WFT).

  • The British Envoy was aware that Newt Scamander had an older brother named Theseus who was a war hero (WFT). He was skeptical that Newt was in New York merely to buy an Apaloosa Puffskein as a present (WFT).
  • Referred to by Newt as "Minister," although the Minister for Magic at that time was Hector Fawley (Pm: Ministers for Magic).
British envoy to the International Confederation of Wizards
Gender Female
Dates fl. 1926
Species / Race Wizard
Affiliations Ministry of Magic



The name of the British Envoy is "Hector Podmore" according to information on the United Agents page for actor Richard Clothier, who portrayed the British Envoy in the first Fantastic Beasts movie (WFT). This could mean he was possibly related to Sturgis Podmore who was part of the Advance Guard of the Order of the Phoenix (OP3), but this is not technically canon since his name is not given in the Fantastic Beasts script.

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