Delfina Crimp

Delfina Crimp was a wizarding seamstress in the fifteenth century, famous for inventing the Severing Charm.

She was one of the most fashionable dressmaker in London at the time, and pretended to be a muggle.  She was found out by a rival tailor, Snickerton, who spied on her and saw her use the Severing Charm.  She was arrested by a band of men, but used the wand she had hidden as a wart on her face to escape with a large bag of gold.  She was never seen again, but apparently cursed Snickerton to never complete another item of clothing.


Creating very beautiful dresses and cloaks that even ugly people looked good in.

Delfina Crimp
Gender Female
Species / Race wizard
Distinguishing Features wart on her chin (concealing her wand)
Profession seamstress
First Introduced BoS: Book of Spells



"Crimp" is a term used in fashion to mean "a curl, wave, or folded or compressed edge."

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