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Ernie Prang

"Take 'er away, Ern!"
-- Stan Shunpike (PA3)

Ernie Prang was the elderly, bespectacled driver of the Knight Bus. He gave the impression to Harry that he hadn’t mastered the use of the steering wheel (PA3). Ernie, like so many witches and wizards, attended Dumbledore’s funeral (HBP30).


Driving, sort of.

Ernie Prang
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Other Names Ern
Eyes Wears spectacles
Distinguishing Features "Owlish face"
Affiliations Knight Bus
Profession Bus driver
First Introduced PA3: The Knight Bus



"Ernie" refers to J.K. Rowling's grandfather, Ernie Rowling (Conv).
"prang" = British slang: "wreck, as in an automobile crash."

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