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Alice Longbottom

Alice Longbottom

Alice Longbottom, along with her husband Frank, were Aurors, popular in the Wizarding World, who fought valiantly against Voldemort and his supporters during the 1970s. Frank and Alice were captured by Death Eaters shortly after the fall of Voldemort (late 1981). They were subjected to the Cruciatus Curse in an attempt to force them to tell where the defeated Dark Lord had fled to. The torture drove them insane and are now at St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries in Ward 49.

She has a round face; her son Neville looks a lot like her, though by the mid-1990s her hair is wispy and gray. She does realize that Neville is someone she likes and gives him Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum wrappers for gifts. Gran, Frank’s mother, thinks of them as rubbish, but we get the feeling that Neville would save every single one if he could (OP23).


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  • Melibee09

    So what is her maiden name? 0.o Some other websites reference JK Rowling’s notebook and they say that Alice was a Prewett/Prewitt… but I’m just cross-referencing different sources (so far one has been a wiki discussion and the other is a question + response on Quora).

    • Alice’s maiden name is never revealed in canon, so if you find it on another site, it’s fan fiction. I’ve checked our canon library, which is extremely thorough and complete, and there is no reference to Alice’s maiden name. It was never mentioned in the books, in interviews, on Pottermore, on Twitter, in the Daily Prophet newsletters, or any of the other sources we have in our reference archive. You can pretty much be assured that if it’s not in our archive, it’s not canon.

      Now of course, some people define canon a bit more loosely than we do, so if someone found something in a film still or if one of the actors speculated something, we wouldn’t consider that canon here at the Lexicon. And if someone has discovered some bit of genuine canon that says otherwise, I’d love to know about it and add it to our archive.


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