Ministry of Magic and the Wizard's Council

Stamford Jorkins

"We’re not trying to stop people having fun. We’re just trying to stop them turning each other into artichokes without checking to see if they know the counter-charm."
-- Stamford Jorkins to the Daily Prophet (DP4)

Mr Jorkins is a Ministry of Magic spokeswizard (DP4)

He was interviewed by the Daily Prophet about the Ministry's plans to curtail excessive Hallowe'en celebrations and mentioned some of the problems that had arisen from the previous year (DP4)



Stamford means "from the stony ford". Stamford is a town in Lincolnshire known for its stone buildings and which was originally the site of a ford across the Welland River. The University of Stamford is a mythical English university founded by King Bladud.
-- information extracted from Wikipedia and Baby Name websites


While the date printed on DP4 is 1 October 1999, the timeframe for these events is 1992-1993.

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