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Tufty-haired man who gives Dumbledore’s eulogy

A “little tufty-haired man” wearing black robes spoke at Dumbledore’s funeral, giving a eulogy. From what Harry can hear — phrases like “nobility of spirit” — it was a speech praising the life of the Headmaster(HBP30). In the midst of these high-sounding words, Harry remembered Dumbledore’s idea of a few words: “Nitwit, oddment, blubber, and tweak” (PS7).

The same man, apparently a member of the wizarding clergy, officiated at Bill and Fleur’s wedding (DH8).


Performs weddings and funerals.

Tufty-haired man who gives Dumbledore’s eulogy
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Hair Tufty
Distinguishing Features Short
Profession Clergyman
First Introduced HBP30: The White Tomb



Tufty = growing in a small clump

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