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Famous Montrose Magpies Seeker Eunice Murray dies

Famous Montrose Magpies Seeker Eunice Murray dies

Murray was considered one of the best Seekers ever, once even asking for a faster snitch to keep the game challenging (QA7).



Murray's death is mentioned in the description of the Montrose Magpies in QA7 in a somewhat odd way:

"Their many outstanding players include the Seeker Eunice Murray (died 1942) ..."

Other characters do not have just their death year listed randomly after their names. It's atypical of Rowling's writing and makes one wonder if there is some particular reason why that death year was important to include. If the goal was to give the timeframe for when Murray played, the sentence could have said "in the 1940s" (or whatever decade she was active in).

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