Hogsmeade trip and meeting with Sirius

"Poor old snuffles... He must really like you, Harry.... Imagine having to live off rats."

--Ron Weasley (GF27)

Hogsmeade trip and meeting with Sirius

Harry, Ron, and Hermione leave the castle at noon on a mild Saturday in March and walk to Hogsmeade. They buy some outlandish socks at Gladrags as a thank-you gift for Dobby.

At 1:30, they meet up with Sirius (who is in his animagus form) at the outskirts of the village and spend nearly thirty minutes following him up a mountainside to the cave in which he and Buckbeak are hiding.

Sirius (now in human form) is thrilled that Harry, Ron, and Hermione brought food with them – like he had asked in his note setting up the meeting. Sirius explains that he is near Hogwarts because he wants to look out for Harry.

Sirius shares information about Barty Crouch Sr. and his past. The visit wraps up at 3:30 and Sirius (in animagus form again) accompanies his visitors back to the outskirts of Hogsmeade (GF27).


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