• Character Rabastan Lestrange was a Slytherin student in the early 1979s and a Death Eater thereafter. He was the brother of Rodolphus Lestrange (GF30, OP6). Rabastan and his brother Rodolphus were captured by the Ministry of Magic after their attack on the Longbottoms (November or December 1981) and given a… Read More
• Creature Rats are medium-sized, long-tailed rodents, sometimes kept as pets, but often regarded as vermin or pests. Scabbers Peter Pettigrew lived as a rat for twelve years, as a pet of the Weasley family known as Scabbers – initially belonging to Percy Weasley and later to his… Read More
• Character Regulus Black was the younger brother of Sirius Black. Unlike Sirius, Regulus was favored by their parents because he shared their overweening pride in their heritage and their belief in pure-blood supremacy; indeed, Regulus became one of Voldemort’s Death Eaters around 1977 at the age of sixteen. Sirius… Read More
• Event Sirius Black told Harry that his younger brother Regulus “panicked” and tried to back out of being a Death Eater and was killed because Voldemort demanded “a lifetime of service or death” (OP6). He also thought his brother’s life was thrown away and “not very important.” The real story… Read More
• Character Delphi is a very unusual and mysterious young woman. She claims to be the niece and caretaker of Amos Diggory, now a lonely widower at the St. Oswald’s Home for Old Witches and Wizards in Upper Flagley, and calls herself Delphi (short for Delphini Diggory). She lives at… Read More
• Character Tom Marvolo Riddle was a gifted young wizard born of a witch mother (Merope Gaunt) and a Muggle father (Tom Riddle, Sr.) on December 31, 1926. His mother had fallen in love with his father, who was a Muggle, and tricked him into marrying her with a… Read More
• Character Mr. Roberts is a Muggle man who worked as the campsite manager for the 1994 Quidditch World Cup. Read More
• Character Rodolphus Lestrange was a Slytherin student in the early 1970s (GF27) and a Death Eater thereafter. He was the brother of Rabastan, husband of Bellatrix (GF27, GF30, OP6). Rodolphus and his brother Rabastan were captured by the Ministry of Magic after their attack on the Longbottoms… Read More
• Character Augustus Rookwood was a Death Eater and spy in the Ministry during the first war with Voldemort. He worked for the Department of Mysteries but had agents throughout the Ministry, not all of whom knew who they were really working for. (For example, Rookwood was an… Read More
• Character Evan Rosier was a Death Eater during the first war with Voldemort. He chose to go down fighting against the Aurors, taking with him a chunk of Mad-Eye Moody‘s nose when he died (GF30). During the trial of Igor Karkaroff at the Ministry, he… Read More
• Character A Wizarding Pure-blood Death Eater family, listed in the ‘Pure-Blood Directory’ (c. 1930) as one of the ‘Sacred Twenty-Eight’ families (Pm, CC3.16). Notable members: Damocles Rowle Euphemia Rowle Thorfinn Rowle… Read More
• Character Thorfinn Rowle was a huge, blonde Death Eater during the second war with Voldemort. During the Battle of the Astronomy Tower, Rowle was part of the group that invaded Hogwarts where he did tremendous damage (HBP27). It was his Avada Kedavra that killed fellow Death Eater Gibbon when it missed Lupin. Rowle… Read More
• Event Death Eaters take over the Ministry of Magic. Scrimgeour, according to reports, dies under torture, refusing to tell the whereabouts of Harry Potter (DH11). Read More
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In Half-Blood Prince, Dumbledore shows Harry the memory in which he interviews Tom Riddle for a job at Hogwarts. I have a lot of questions about Dumbledore’s motives for allowing even this level of consideration. He does have a little bit of a thing about manners,… Read More
• Wizarding culture The Rumor of Voldemort’s Heir suggests that Voldemort fathered a child before he died. There have been numerous versions of this narrative (CC1.4, CC1.12), but one common version concerned the Malfoy family. The rumor was that Draco and Astoria Malfoy were unable to have children to carry on the Malfoy bloodline… Read More