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Containment Charm

Attempted by caretaker Rancorous Carpe in 1876 to keep Peeves the poltergeist inside a “vast enchanted bell jar,” but the plan failed when Peeves broke the glass and escaped armed with weaponry (Pm). If only he had used an Unbreakable Charm, too.



Rancorous Carpe could have taken a lesson from Hermione Granger, who used an Unbreakable Charm on a jar when she trapped Rita Skeeter in her Animagus beetle form. That way, Rita could not escape because she could not Untransfigure herself back into human form while inside the jar (GF36). If Sirius and Lupin had thought to put Peter Pettigrew inside a jar, using both an Unbreakable Charm and a Containment Charm, he might not have escaped as he did by shrinking out of his chains (PA20).

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