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Everlasting Elixirs

Everlasting Elixirs

Everlasting Elixirs are a type of potion studied during the 6th-year at Hogwarts. Students research information on the topic in the book Advanced Potion-Making (HBP15).

References from the canon

  • Harry copied down some additional tips on making Everlasting Elixirs found in the Half-Blood Prince's potion book (HBP15)
Everlasting Elixirs
Magic Type Potion making
Spellbook Advanced Potion Making



The term "elixir" is often associated with solutions created by alchemists to give immortality, which makes the name "everlasting" appropriate. These so-called Elixirs of Life are found in the legends from different cultures around the world. Nicolas Flamel, in the Potter universe, created the Elixir of Life using the Philosopher's Stone.

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