• Continents Africa is a large continent which has many different cultures, climates, forms of wildlife, and ethnic groups, both magical and non-magical. The history of magic in Africa dates back to the ancient kingdoms of Egypt. Many of the continent's 54 nations have Ministries of Magic and one of the world's eleven elite wizarding schools, Uagadou, is located in Africa. Read More
• Event Wizards of this era of history created some of the earliest known magic spells and devices, including the Patronus and the Horcrux. https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-201909-coincidence.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | Download… Read More
• Magical discipline Ancient Magic is magic which happens independently of efforts by wizards, an effect which is triggered by events and powers endemic to the nature of reality. It is extremely old and mysterious, and a wand is not necessary for it to work. It is part of the “magical-ness” of the… Read More
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A comparison is inevitable between the Old Magic of the Harry Potter universe and the Magic From Before the Dawn of Time from C. S. Lewis’s Narnia books. Clearly there are similarities between the two, although they are not identical. Both the Harry Potter and the Narnia versions serve as a stronger, more intrinsic form… Read More
• Event The Irish witch Gormlaith Gaunt attacks Ilvermorny School to take revenge on her niece, Isolt Sayre, who had stolen the family heirloom wand once belonging to Salazar Slytherin from Gormlaith and fled to America. The witch was also furious that Isolt married James Steward, a No-Maj, and was running a… Read More
• Spells The Killing Curse causes instant death in a flash of green light, usually leaving no sign of physical damage or of the cause of death that would be detectable to a Muggle autopsy. https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-201909-coincidence.mp3Podcast:… Read More
• Islands • Mythological and legendary places Avalon is a legendary island somewhere off the coast of England, which during the time of King Arthur was ruled by Morgan le Fay – a queen, a dark sorceress, and Merlin’s half-sister and enemy (fw8). https://media.blubrry.com/hplex/media.hp-lexicon.org/podcasts/archive/hplm-201909-coincidence.mp3Podcast:… Read More