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Not the least interesting thing about Harry’s possessions is that it is possible to make a virtually complete list of them. This is because he starts with nothing but the blanket he is wrapped in. His material poverty is contrasted with Dudley Dursley’s conspicuous consumption, both literal and metaphorical. Though… Read More
• Event This is the worst birthday that Harry can remember. The Dursleys have completely forgotten that today is Harry’s birthday, and he ends up having to spend it doing chores in preparation for a very important dinner party hosting one of Uncle Vernon’s clients, Mr. Mason, and his wife, Mrs. Mason. Harry is… Read More
• Event Harry celebrates at the Burrow, but the celebrations are marred by reports of Dementor attacks and disappearances brought home by Arthur, Bill, and Lupin. Read More
• Event Harry spent the night before his birthday laying on the cold floor of a shack that was built on top of a large rock, way out to sea, watching his watch tick over until it hit midnight and became officially his birthday. And once it did, he got a visitor… Read More
• Source Harry gives Horace Slughorn a bezoar instead of an antidote in Potions class, then asks him unsuccessfully about Horcruxes. The sixth-years then have their first apparition lesson, where Harry overhears Draco Malfoy saying Crabbe has been acting as his lookout, and… Read More
• Character Hedwig is Harry Potter’s snowy owl, his companion and post owl. Hagrid bought Hedwig as an eleventh birthday present on Harry’s first visit to Diagon Alley (PS5). After returning to the Dursley’s, Harry found the name “Hedwig” in the book A History of Magic and borrowed it for his owl (… Read More
• Hogwarts • Sentient objects The names of future Hogwarts students are written down at birth in the Book of Admittance, a special parchment book bound with dragon hide kept in a locked tower. When a magical child is born, the Quill of Acceptance floats out of a silver ink pot nearby to write the… Read More
• Sentient objects The Hogwarts Quill of Acceptance is a magical quill at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry which detects the birth of each magical child, then writes his or her name down in a large parchment tome bound with dragon hide, known as the Book of Admittance. Both are… Read More