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Happy New Year! essay: In Search of . . . the Hut-on-The-Rock

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This essay benefits from in-depth location information about the UK and provides very specific evidence for locations that could be the real Hut-on-the-Rock. Even though the writer has a shortlist, the most exciting part, the reader sees the background and process by which the writer gets to these conclusions.

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  • daveindetroit

    A superb analysis, Ravenclaw Rambler. I am truly impressed. Especially as you incorporate the possibility that the structure , while there (on the rock), was present in 1991 considering it’s condition Then, might no longer be there Now. Hope to read more from you soon. Happy New Year everyone.

  • Moony

    Karkarov died in a hut (hbp6). Could it be the same hut where Harry was in ps?

  • TimS

    I was struck by this line: “I’m not enough of an anorak to have a copy of the 1991 timetable, ….”

    Eh?” I thought an anorak was what we on this (Western) side of the Pond call a parka, a hooded pullover.

    I strongly suspect that Ravenclaw Rambler has put a lot more thought into this than JKR did!

  • ravenclaw rambler

    Sorry – I have tried to make my essays comprehensible on both sides of the pond, but obviously this piece of slang didn’t travel
    “Anorak” is indeed a waterproof hooded jacket over here too, but the term has acquired a secondary meaning. Anoraks are highly unfashionable, but are a practical garment for someone who spends a lot of time out of doors collecting useless data, such as birdwatchers (twitchers) or, particularly, trainspotters. The name “anorak” has therefore become a derogatory term for anyone with an obsessive interest in an obscure subject.
    See,5753,-19185,00.html for a longer discussion of the term

  • TimS

    Thanks Rambler! Makes sense when you explain it that way.

  • Cricket

    Further speculation: Could that also be near where Harry and Dumbledore found the fake Horcrux?

  • jensenly

    WOW – great essay. You really know your stuff! It’s fun for an LA gal to hear all about the British coastline.

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