• Countries Madagascar is a country in Africa. Appearances The Madagascar National Team lost to the team from Syria in the final match of the particularly raucous 1974 Quidditch World Cup (Pm). It is also claimed that the earliest use of the Disarming Charm was by wizards… Read More
• Organizations The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards was a medieval society across Europe. Professors Binns assigned a three foot-long composition on “The Medieval Assembly of European Wizards” in Harry Potter’s second year. Ron Weasley’s essay was eight inches short, while Hermione had written four feet seven inches in tiny writing. Read More
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The Harry Potter books have been the subject of much religious debate after fundamentalist Christians warned parents against the books, deeming them pro-witchcraft and consequently anti-Christian. Some Muslims, on the other hand, have banned the books for the entirely opposite reason, claiming they are poorly concealed Christian propaganda. Surprisingly however, the… Read More
• Organizations The Ministry of Magic is the governmental authority for the Wizarding world in Britain. The basic mission of the Ministry of Magic is to keep the Muggles from finding out about an entire culture of magical folk. It’s a huge, complicated, and inefficient bureaucracy, just like most governmental organizations. Read More
• Hogwarts academics Muggle Studies is a course in the history, culture, and psychology of non-magical people. The class attempts to help young witches and wizards understand the difference between the way Muggles think and the way wizards think. When Ron calls a telephone a “fellytone,” Hermione tells him she should consider taking… Read More