• Quote I like inventing names. Quiddich — the name Quiddich — it took me ages to find the right name for it, took me about two days and I’ve still got the notebook I did it in and you can see Quiddich at the bottom of the last page of this notebook… Read More
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Way back in the late 90s, the Harry Potter books came out in Britain first, long before the US editions. In fact, it took a whole year for Philosopher's Stone to be Transfigured into Sorcerer's Stone. During that year, the editors at Scholastic changed a lot more than the title. They replaced a lot of British terms which they assumed would confuse American readers. In some cases, I guess they were probably right. Many Americans would have no idea what a "bobble hat" or a "packet of crisps" was, and in the U.S. a "jumper" Read More
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One of the more interesting mysteries about the Harry Potter universe is when the stories in the books take place. There have been a lot of discussions and debates about this subject and some fans have done amazingly detailed research trying to determine the years involved. This page presents some… Read More
• Source First part of the post-DH interview on the Today Show (NBC) Source: MSNBC Interviewer: Meredith Vieira Context: This was one of the first interviews after the publication of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, so Jo could finally answer some questions she was reluctant to answer before. Read More
• Character J.K. Rowling had notes about a possible vampire teacher at Hogwarts named “Trocar” but the character was discarded fairly early in the writing process. He did not evolve into Snape, in spite of popular fan theories about the Potions Master’s “bat-like” appearance and “unhealthy pallor” (Pm). Read More