In 2004, Rowling’s website was transformed into an interactive source for all things Potter. The main page was a desktop with elements which would react to mouse clicks. The site existed in that form until 2012. In some ways, Pottermore was a replacement site, but much of the information and all of the interactive magic was lost., Rowling’s official website reopens as a new and improved site, with 4 original Scrapbook extras, 12 Rumours, 3 News articles 1st FAQ Poll open for voting Wizard of the Month, May 2004, Felix Summerbee FanSite Award: Immeritus… Read More wins the Favorite Websites Award Site of the Day for 8 June 2004. Read More
Rowling reveals that there is nothing particularly interesting about Mark Evans, much to everyone’s surprise. Read More
For several hours on Christmas Day a glitch with the Advent Calendar in the ExtraStuff screen showed only a giant blue candy. Read More
Jo rewrites and changes the Owls entry in ExtraStuff – Miscellaneous posted the previous day. Read More
An error was corrected in the Daily News article. The mistyped initials HPB were replaced with the full title, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Read More
A new book was added to the bookshelf in Links titled “Cage Beds” with links to information about the issue and new charity work Jo is championing. Read More
J K Rowling’s new website for Harry Potter fans ( was originally launched in July 2011, with limited access to a group of beta testers. It was opened to all fans in April of 2012. Read More