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Hagrid’s ride

How did Hagrid travel to the Hut on the Rock? With this passage in OP21, fans guessed that Hagrid might have come to the Hut by riding a thestral:

“… they aren’ unlucky, they’re dead clever an’ useful! Course, this lot don’ get a lot o’ work, it’s mainly jus’ pullin’ the school carriages unless Dumbledore’s takin’ a long journey an’ don’ want ter Apparate …”

However, in DH4 he says “We’ll be on the bike, brooms an’ thestrals can’t take me weight, see.” So how did Hagrid travel to the Hut on the Rock? Did he ride the flying motorcycle? Then where did he leave it?


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  • JoanneLamb

    He could apparate. Even though he was expelled from school before he would learn apparition normally, I think it is such a useful ability Hagrid could learn it later privately, from his protector Dumbledore for example.

  • Meñique

    I’m glad you address this issue, I comented on the flying magic page about thesrals, didn’t realize that he was too heavy for that too 🙂
    I think apparating is unlikely, as when Harry asks Hagrid how he came to find him on the sea he sais that he was flying (“How did you get here?” Harry asked, looking around for another boat. “Flew,” said Hagrid.). Now, did he lie to Harry? Or did he mean apparenting but did not want to go through the trouble to explain how that worked? Both are quite unlikely, Hagrid is honest with Harry about everything else and he is shown as someone talking about wizard ‘stuff’ naturally (knuts, etc) and not taking into account that Harry is new to this world.
    So with the thesral theory proven wrong, I’m again clueless, how Hagrid got to the Hut on the Rock.

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