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Gilderoy Lockhart

"Now, Professor Dumbledore has granted me permission to start this little dueling club, to train you all in case you ever need to defend yourselves as I myself have done on countless occasions -- for full details, see my published works."
     -- Gilderoy Lockhart (CS11)

"If one word of it was true, I'll eat my kettle."
     -- Hagrid, after Lockhart dropped by (CS7)

"Lockhart'll sign anything if it stands still long enough."
     -- Ron Weasley (CS10)

Lockhart, © 2001 by Edgar TornéHair: golden, wavy (wears curlers and a hair net at night).
Eyes: forget-me-not blue.
Distinguishing features: perfect smile, coiffed hair.
Age: c. 35-40.
Field: Defence Against The Dark Arts.
Favorite color: lilac.
Ideal birthday gift: harmony between all magical and non-magical peoples or, alternatively, a case of Ogden's Old Firewhisky.
Secret ambition: rid the world of evil and market his own line of hair-care products.
Interests: himself, mainly.
Office: filled with pictures of himself, on the walls and stacks of them to send to his fans who write mountains of fan mail
never without: an ornate peacock feather quill [1] to sign autographs, copies of his picture.
Expert in: Memory Charms.
Robes: various colors, including forget-me-not blue, lavender, turquoise, mauve, lurid pink, deep plum, jade green, and midnight blue.
Currently: at St. Mungo's Hospital in a long-term ward for spell damage (NR, OP23).

Lockhart is obsessed with himself and his image. In his books, he tells of his exploits fighting various types of magical creatures, but the truth is that he simply interviewed the folks who really dealt with the creatures, then performed Memory Charms on them.

In June of 1993, while in the Chamber of Secrets, Lockhart accidentally blasted himself with the Memory Charm he was aiming at Ron and Harry. He lost his memory entirely as a result.

Lockhart is currently a resident of the Janus Thickey ward (ward 49, a closed, longterm ward for patients with permanent spell damage) at St. Mungo's Hospital, where he tends to wander off and get lost (OP23). Hospital ward-mates include Agnes (a fur-faced woman), Broderick Bode (now deceased), and Alice and Frank Longbottom, Neville's parents. He has recently mastered "joined-up" (cursive) writing. He gets fan mail all the time, although he has no idea why.  

Books by Gilderoy Lockhart
Break With A Banshee
Gadding With Ghouls
Gilderoy Lockhart's Guide to Household Pests
Holidays With Hags
Magical Me
(his autobiography)
Travel With Trolls
Voyages With Vampires
Wandering With Werewolves
Who Am I?
(CS/f only, not canon)
Year With The Yeti

Kenneth Branagh in the role of Gilderoy Lockhart.LOCKHART on FILM
In the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," Gilderoy Lockhart is played by Kenneth Branagh.

[1] Lockhart is the only character in the series to date to use a peacock-feather quill. The peacock is a traditional symbol of vanity, a very apt implication in Lockhart's case. His large, colourful wardrobe would also qualify him to be referred to as a "peacock" in the slang sense. (Peacocks also have other, more positive symbolism associated with them, but this is the most common modern English usage.) - MLW


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