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Harry’s arm is broken by a rogue Bludger

Harry’s arm is broken by a rogue Bludger

In a Quidditch match against the Slytherin Quidditch Team, a rogue Bludger breaks Harry’s arm.

During the game one Bludger persistently followed his every move, making it impossible for Harry to look for the Snitch or for Gryffindor’s Beaters to protect their Chasers (CS10).

Determined to outfly the Bludger while the Beaters help the rest of the team, Harry spots the Snitch just above Draco Malfoy. Although the Bludger then hits his arm and breaks it, Harry is able to catch the Snitch before falling to the ground and fainting from the pain (CS10).

Unfortunately, when he comes to, Professor Lockhart is just attempting to fix his arm by magic. This is a disaster. Instead of fixing the broken bones, Lockhart removes them. Harry must then spend a bad night in the Hospital Wing after taking Skele-Gro (CS10).


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