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Adrian Pucey

"....Pucey throws to Warrington, Warrington to Montague, Montague back to Pucey - Johnson intervenes, Johnson takes the Quaffle, Johnson to Bell, this looks good - I mean bad - Bell's hit by a Bludger from Goyle of Slytherin and it's Pucey in possession..."
-- Lee Jordan commentating a Gryffindor-Slytherin match (OP19)

Adrian Pucey

Adrian Pucey is a Chaser on the Slytherin Quidditch Team who participated in some of the hardest-fought matches of Harry Potter’s Quidditch career at Hogwarts, including the match where Harry’s arm was shattered by a rogue Bludger (CS10).

He was also a part of the infamous match which ended with Harry, Fred and George being banned from playing Quidditch for attacking Malfoy after the Snitch was caught (OP19).

Pucey was most likely a year ahead of Harry.



Adrian is derived from the name Hadrian (Hadrianus), meaning "from Hadria" - a person from one of two Roman settlements with that name in Italy (Behind the Name).

Pucey is a variant spelling of the surname Pusey. It is English, from a place originally called Pesei or Puseye in Berkshire. It derives from pisu ("pea") and eg ("an island or low-lying land") (Internet Surname Database).


Since he was on the Slytherin team during Harry's first year (PS11), he was at least a year ahead of Harry; since he was still there during Harry's fifth year (OP19), he's no more than two years ahead of Harry, assuming he's up to scratch academically.

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