Cornish pixie

Cornish pixie

Native to Cornwall, these mischievous creatures are a bright electric blue in colour. They are very rude (CS6, FB). Professor Gilderoy Lockhart released a bunch of these in his Defence Against the Dark Arts Class (CS6, FB).



In folklore, pixies, (or piksies, as they are also called), are typically found in Devon and Cornwall. They appear in various forms and are described as fond of music and dancing. Typically, they are helpful creatures who help with housework and are even sometimes credited with creating clotted cream on Dartmoor for deserving housewives. On the other hand, pixies are just as likely to eat all the cream, since they’re mischievous and fond of tricks. They will confuse travellers on the moors and have been accused of stealing children. Pixies wear green clothing to better blend in with their surroundings. They have slanted eyes and pointed ears, but they definitely aren’t blue-skinned. They resemble wildly-dressed humans, not the electric blue imps seen in the Harry Potter books or film. (The Lexicon page 238)


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