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Episode 30: Discussing The Harry Potter Lexicon Minute

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Episode 30: Discussing The Harry Potter Lexicon Minute

Episode 30 of our main Lexicon Podcast is shorter than usual and is all about discussing our new podcast, the Harry Potter Lexicon Minute.

We started the episode by talking about the rich collection of essays on the Lexicon and the recent feedback we’ve received telling us that we have incorrect information in some of these essays that were published before the books were all written.  We talked a bit about an upcoming new feature that will make it easier to understand just where in the history of the Harry Potter Fan community each essay was written.

We talked a bit about the first trailer for Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery and how excited we are for the upcoming game.

We then spent a few minutes talking about our new sponsor on our Support the Lexicon page.  Thanks to Magic Alley for supporting the Lexicon, and especially for sponsoring the new Harry Potter Lexicon Minute Podcast, we are very grateful.  To our readers, if you find yourself in need for some Harry Potter Memorabilia, please check out our friends at

The remainder of the episode was spent talking about our new feature, the Harry Potter Lexicon Minute.  Our editors (not just us) have been recording some great tidbits of Harry Potter fandom insights and if you haven’t checked it out yet, you really should check out the new podcast, which releases twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays, you can find it on the home page or here.

If you like the Harry Potter Lexicon Podcast as much as we do, don’t worry, we aren’t stopping this podcast, the Harry Potter Lexicon Minute is just an additional podcast for you to enjoy.


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