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Ambrosius Flume

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The Harry Potter Canon

"And Ambrosius Flume, of Honeydukes — a hamper every birthday, and all because I was able to give him an introduction to Ciceron Harkiss who gave him his first job!"

-- Horace Slughorn (HBP4)

Along with his wife, Flume is the owner of Honeydukes in Hogsmeade (PA10). He was one of Slughorn’s favorites while at Hogwarts (HBP4).


Makes delectable chocolate and fudge.

Ambrosius Flume
Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Distinguishing Features "an enormous backside and shiny bald head"
Profession Sweetshop owner, sweetmaker
First Introduced PA10



'ambrosia' = in Greek mythology, the food or drink of the gods

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