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Argus Pyrites

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Non-canon SPOILER WARNING! This page is not considered to be canon since it is either not from Rowling or was not included in the final version of Rowling's work.

Other drafts included a character by the name of 'Pyrites', whose name means 'fool's gold'. He was a servant of Voldemort's and was meeting Sirius in front of the Potters' house. Pyrites, too, had to be discarded, though I quite liked him as a character; he was a dandy and wore white silk gloves, which I thought I might stain artistically with blood from time to time.
-- J.K. Rowling in "Extra Stuff" on her Official Site (JKR)



This character is not canon because he was edited out of the books, but in a very early version of Book 1 he is mentioned as the author of Alchemy, Ancient Art and Science (JKR scrapbook extra).

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