Blood status and prejudice

Cygnus Black (1889)

Cygnus Black (1889-1943)
Son of Phineas Nigellus Black and Ursula Flint (BFT).
4 Siblings: 2 older brothers, Sirius (1877-1952), Phineas (disowned, dates unknown), 1 younger brother, Arcturus (1884-1959) and 1 younger sister, Belvina (1886-1962). (BFT)
Married to Violetta Bulstrode.
4 children: Pollux (1912-1990), Cassiopeia (1915-1992), Marius (dates unknown; disowned), and Dorea (1920-1977) (BFT).


Cgynus Black is a part of the large and prestigious wizarding family, the Black family.



Possible name derivation: 'Cygnus' = a male swan (Latin). In Greek mythology, 'Cycnus' was the Musician-king of the Ligurians who was turned into a swan (WEB LINKEM). It is also another name for the constellation called "The Northern Cross."

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