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Delphini Diggory

"It’s what they used to say about me at school. Delphini Diggory - there isn’t a hole she couldn’t dig herself into."
-- Delphi (CC1.6)

Delphini Diggory

Delphini Diggory is the alias used by Delphi after confunding Amos Diggory (CC1.6).


Although she claims to be the niece of Amos Diggory, she is revealed to be the daughter of Lord Voldemort and Bellatrix Black Lestrange.

Delphini Diggory
Gender Female
Dates fl. 2015-2020
Species / Race Witch
Other Names Delphi
Hair silver-blue
Profession Care worker at St Oswald's Home for Old Witches and Wizards
Family Groups Diggory family
First Introduced CC1: Cursed Child Act 1



The name Delphini is related to the name Delphina, which means "womb". It comes from the Latin boy's name Delphinus, which meant someone from Delphi, a city in Ancient Greece. This in turn may be related to Greek δελφυς (delphys) "womb" (Behind the Name).  It could also be a shortened form of the flower name delphinium, which are beautiful plants but are "toxic to humans and plants" (Wikipedia).

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Pottermore: Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

The theatre production opened in the West End of London at the Palace Theatre on 31 July 2016, with Esther Smith in the role of Delphi (Delphini Diggory): Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, Parts One and Two

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