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Kendra Dumbledore

"Kendra was a fine woman."
-- Elphias Doge (DH8)

Kendra was the mother of Albus Dumbledore.  After her daughter Ariana was attacked and traumatized by muggle boys, and her husband Percival went to Azkaban for seeking retribution, Kendra moved the Dumbledore family to Godric’s Hollow and devoted herself to taking care of the sickly Ariana.

Because Kendra was trying to keep Ariana a secret, she was not popular with her neighbors.  She kept rebuffing her neighbors, so they left her alone. (DH11)  Eight years after moving to Godric’s Hollow, she was not on speaking terms with any of her neighbors except Bathilda Bagshot. (DH18)  She was Muggle-born, but allegedly (according to the disreputable Auntie Muriel) tried to pass off as half-blood or pureblood. (DH8)  Aberforth credits Kendra with teaching Albus his secretive ways. (DH28)

In 1899, Kendra was accidentally killed by Ariana’s out-of-control magic.  She was buried at Godric’s Hollow under the epitaph “Where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” (DH16)



By the time Kendra was killed in 1899, Aberforth describes her as not "as young as she was." (DH28)  It's therefore probable that Kendra had her children later in life, at least after her twenties, so she would have been at least fifty or so when she died.  This would put her birthdate probably somewhere in the 1840s or 1830s.  Since Aberforth at this point is over 110 years old, it's unlikely he would inaccurately comment on the advanced age of someone.

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