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Gladys Gudgeon

"This first one's to Gladys Gudgeon, bless her - huge fan of mine - "

-Gilderoy Lockhart (CS7)

Gladys Gudgeon wrote weekly fan mail to Gilderoy Lockhart (CS7, OP23).

When Harry served detention with Lockhart by helping him answer fan mail, he had Harry address an envelope to Gladys Gudgeon (CS7).

Gudgeon continued writing to Lockhart after his memory was damaged and he became a longterm inpatient at St. Mungo's. Lockhart wasn't exactly sure why she wrote him every week (OP23).



"Gudgeon" = from Latin 'gobion,' variant of 'gobius,' = from Middle English 'gudyon' via Old French 'goujon') something used as bait; a gullible person.

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  • I think within the story, yes probably. There seem to be a relatively small number of families within the Wizarding community and it makes sense that they would be related. However, I kind of doubt that Rowling thought it through and chose that name for that reason. More likely, she likes the word and it’s actual connotation of “foolish.”

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