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Madam Primpernelle

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The Harry Potter Canon

"The successful applicant will have a N.E.W.T. in Potions"

-- recruitment advertisement in the Daily Prophet (DP2)

Witch who has a beauty shop in Diagon Alley (DP2)

Madam Primpernelle produces a line of Beautifying Potions from her shop at 275 Diagon Alley. She advertised in the Daily Prophet for a Junior Potion mixer who could cope with wart removal and other beauty treatments (DP2)

Madam Primpernelle
Gender Female
Dates fl. 1993
Species / Race witch
Profession Beauty shop owner
First Introduced DP2



To "primp" means on to make yourself beautiful, generally in front of a mirror.  The "....elle" ending gives her name a French flavour and, as everyone knows, French women (particularly in Paris) have a reputation for good style and grooming.

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