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There was a young wizard called Morgan
Whose boss said: ‘Go capture the Gorgon!
‘The creature so vile
‘That it might take while,
‘Use your brain! It’s a most useful organ.’
-- The Rhyme of Gormless Morgan from the Book of Spells


Morgan is young wizard who is the subject of “The Rhyme of Gormless Morgan”, which appears in the Book of Spells (BoS). He is ordered to capture a Gorgon, however the attempt ends very unhappily for him.


Lack of planning, impetuous, a bit gormless....

Gender Male
Species / Race Wizard
Other Names Gormless Morgan
First Introduced BoS: Book of Spells



The surname Morgan derives from the given name Morcant, which became the name Morgan during the medieval period. Y môr means "the sea" in Welsh. The name Morgan is thought to mean "sea chief" or "sea defender" (Internet Surname Database).


The last line of the poem, which forms part of the test at the end of the Book of Spells, is:

"What qualities help you in staying alive?"

It is not clear whether Morgan himself is mythical. The likely intention of author Miranda Goshawk is to warn student wizards of the perils of not planning ahead.

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