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Portkey Tout

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"Thirty to go to France, twenty not to tell anyone I seen Newt Scamander leaving the country illegally."

Portkey Tout

The Portkey Tout is described as “a slightly sinister figure … all black tattered robes.” The Portkey he has (a rusty bucket) is apparently time controlled as he counts down the time as Newt Scamander attempts to haggle the price. Originally, Newt had been quoted 30 Galleons to go from the Cliffs of Dover to France but the price is upped to 50 galleons when the man notes that Newt is travelling illegally (CG).



Tout as a verb means to sell unofficially. As a noun it refers to someone who will sell something unofficially at a higher than official price, also known as a scalper.


Though not described as male or female in "CG: The Original Screenplay", the character is portrayed by a male and his costume is reminiscent of a fisherman as he stands on the edge of the White Cliffs of Dover with a rusty bucket in front of him and a staff with a carved owl on the top in his right hand.

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