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D.J. Prod

".... one month into your fabulous Kwikspell course and I succeeded in turning her into a yak! Thank you, Kwikspell!"

-- Kwikspell letter sent to Argus Filch (CS8)

Warlock living in Didsbury who was excited about the Kwikspell course (CS8)

Probably the same person as the late Demetrius J. Prod (DP2)


He wrote a glowing testimonial for the Kwikspell course, which they print in their literature sent to prospective students (CS8)


Not very skilled at performing magic, thus his use of the Kwikspell course



The character of Prod was played by Chris Wilson in a photo shoot for the prop version of Daily Prophet in the film version of Half-Blood Prince. Wilson writes in an email (9 March 2015):

I had a photo shoot at the Harry Potter Studios during the shooting of Half Blood Prince. Whilst shooting I was told that I had turned my wife into a yak, and that the photo would possibly be used in The Daily Prophet.

The photo was me standing next to a full scale model yak, the yak had a little pink hat on, during the morning we shot photos without a wedding ring. During the afternoon we shot similar photos but this time of me wearing a wedding ring.

Wilson worked on all Harry Potter films from Goblet of Fire onwards: as a stand-in for Uncle Vernon (Richard Griffiths) on Deathly Hallows part One and as a Muggle in all the other films. He was one of the people on the Millennium Bridge when it collapsed. 

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